Editing Global Settings Part 2: Server Settings

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This article will focus on editing your site’s Server Settings.   This category includes Ajax Browsing settings, logging and caching settings, as well as some security settings.

First you want to log into your phpFox Admincp.  Once there, select Settings, then Manage Settings from the menu.

You should now see the following screen.  This screen shows a list of all the settings categories that your site has.  Under the Global Settings heading, select Server Settings.

There are a number of fields to edit in the Server Settings.  The following is the list on a default installation.  A short description of each field will follow after the screenshot.

Site Wide AJAX Browsing – setting this to true can save bandwidth and improve performance, however there are some addons and modules that will not work correctly with Site Wide AJAX Browsing enabled.  I suggest enabling it, and if you find things don’t appear to be functioning correctly, disable it.

Active Session – this is displayed in minutes.  Set how many minutes after a member’s last activity they should remain showing as “active” on the site.

GZIP HTML Output – setting this to true will reduce bandwidth usage because it compresses the HTML output.

GZIP Compression Level – using a value between 0 and 9, you can set the level of compression that GZIP does.  It is suggested that you set it to level 1, but you can experiment to see what works best for you.  I wouldn’t suggest going higher than level 2 or 3.

CSRF Protection Level – this is where you select the Cross Site Forgery Request prevention level.  My suggestion is to set this to Medium.  This will allow your members to login to the site, and open a new browser window to view another page on your site without leaving the first window.  If you set this to high, then your members will have issues when opening other windows.

Session IP Octet Length Check – I don’t suggest changing this from the default.  You have 3 options,, and  Default is, if you change this to you run the risk of locking members out that are on fluctuating IP addresses or using proxies.  If you change this to you run the risk of locking out whole areas or small ISPs.

Build Directories – if you expect your site to have a large amount of traffic, you may want to set this to True, that way the script can better organize your files.

Build Format – this is where you set the format for your directories that the script builds.  By default it is set to build directories with the 4 digit year and 2 digit month.  If you want to change this, please see http://se2.php.net/manual/en/function.date.php for more information.

Log Site Activity – set to true to log all site activity.  This may slow your site down a little, but unless you have an extremely active site, it shouldn’t be too noticeable.

Cache JavaScript & CSS – set to True. This will cache all JavaScript & CSS to one file and it should noticeably speed up your website.

Use getID3 for Files Uploads – getID3 will help you verify meta contents of files uploaded, I would set this to true.

Secure Pages with HTTPS – If your server allows HTTPS, you can set this to True.  This will encrypt the information entered on the login, registration, and account settings pages.  I would not set this to true on a shared server, I would set this to true IF you have a SSL Certificate and an IP address that you can dedicated to the SSL certificate.

AJAX Browsing – Disable Hash-Bang URL – If you have site wide AJAX browsing enabled, I would leave this set at False.  That will allow the script to check members browsers to see if they support HTML 5, if not it will allow the usage of hash-bang urls to change the URL path without actually reloading the page.

After filling out these fields, select Submit to save your information. You have finished editing your Server settings!

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