Editing Gets Better with TinyMCE Advanced WordPress Plugin

WordPress provides a default text editor with only few options without any menus. TinyMCE Advanced plugin provides more features and plugins, which enable you to add advanced formatting options into your WordPress posts using both menus and icons on the Toolbar. For instance, you can easily insert date and time into your post either from the menu bar or the toolbar while composing a blog post.

By default, menu bar includes all the advanced options. However, they are hidden from the toolbar. You can add those icons which are hidden from the toolbar by dragging the relevant option from the list provided on the plugin options page.

As usual, the plugin can be easily installed from within the admin dashboard.


You can access the options page by selecting Settings option located on the left hand navigation panel. You will view a layout of the new editor as shown below


The plugin provides several unused buttons which are not visible by default on the Toolbar. You can add them to the editor by drag and drop method. The relevant button will be displayed as an icon on the text editor.


Finally, you should select Save Changes button located on the bottom of the plugin options page to add the new icons to the post editor. TinyMCE Advanced is an excellent plugin if you would like to automate editing tasks.

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