Drupal8 Contrib Module Support 02/28/2014

Drupal8Logo_0Drupal 8 is currently available for Developer testing and usage at Alpha9 as of February 19, 2014. Nightly Drupal8 work may even be fetched if you know how to use Git.

While Drupal8 advances to completion and Release, you may want to know how many Community Modules (Contrib modules) are compatible with the newest version of Drupal? Where do you look to find out if a module you typically use currently has Drupal8 support or whether or not it is planned?

The answers to all of these questions is on Drupal.org.

As of 02/28/2014 a total of 383 community modules are listed to be compatible with Drupal 8.

You may look yourself to see what is supported by Drupal8 with a search.

Modules in development have an Issue Queue and typically end-users start to ask if a module will be ported (moved) to Drupal 8 in the near future. It can be helpful to search for: “drupal8”, “drupal 8” and “d8” in a modules issue queue to see if plans exist to update the module to the newer version of Drupal.

Not all modules will be moved as Community modules into Drupal 8. For instance both the Views module and Migrate modules have been moved into Drupal 8 Core. This is great for the community.

So poke around the Drupal8 community module list and see where/how/when you may be able to start developing with Drupal8 and have use of the community modules many sites depend on; I know for instance there is heavy work on a Features module for Drupal8 (and Drupal8 has a built in Configuration import/export API now!).

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