Drupal7: Views Row Selector Module

I have a remote connection to an LDAP server and upon querying for data want to be able to select multiple rows of this data and pass it onto further reporting tools.

Sample views row selector UI.

Sample views row selector UI.

Normally I would try to use Views Bulk Operations (VBO), but currently this LDAP data isn’t fully Drupal friendly and I actually have a few keys to pass per row result, as opposed to just a NID. So I went looking for a module to help me select rows of a table similar to the theme_tableselect drupal API function. I found views_row_selector!

By installing views row selector you are basically enabling the checkbox feature of selectable rows in your table. These values are saved to a hidden ajax field usable by a custom form_submit function which you need to provide as a developer. It includes a select all checkbox for the items on the current page, the module maintainer wants this select all feature to work for all resultset items at a later date.

Having made somewhat complex forms in the past using other frameworks I like that this gives me some freedom to tie some desperately related pieces of content together into a multistep reporting tool. Again, consider using VBO first as this module is more developer-centric. In further blog posts I’ll cover additional tweaks I’ve made to this module currently. An example of another module that makes use of this module on as a requirement is the Views Send module, which allows you to bulk send to a recipient list selected from a View.

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