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David G - DrupalWhile working on projects recently I’ve had the pleasure of working with other developers and designers. This means I get to step outside my typical sphere of knowledge, habits and building blocks and use tools I don’t typically get exposure with. One such example of this is the Video Embed Field for Drupal 7 I’ve just installed on a project because the other group of developers typically use this field for hosted media embedding. How I haven’t made this module into a staple module if my site installs is beyond me 😀

What I typically use for Embedded Media

Usually when I work on a Drupal site I use one of the following modules for embedding hosted media on a page or WYSIWYG editor:

All of these modules have some limitations for me on sites. The Media module (when it works) it great! But, often times when I couple the Media module with the Media Youtube module or Vimeo modules I find that something stops working. Trying to see-saw the various versions of all the suite of Media modules together on a single website, to get all the features you want is akin to some sort of weird voodoo I haven’t quite yet mastered. Then there’s always alot of configuration behind the Media module as well.

The Media Element and iMedia Element modules seem at this point to be largely non-maintained. I prefer to use modules that have some active development behind them.

The Video Embed Module

So the video embed module allows you to very easily take an embeddable URL from say Youtube or Vimeo and using just the url, save it as a Field on your Drupal site. When the field is rendered the URL will render as the player on the website. A single field can support any remote Host that the module is aware of — and the module provides hooks to supply your own remote url format if your host is currently not supported.

video embed field -- it's really simple and takes a valid embed url!

video embed field — it’s really simple and takes a valid embed url!

So this module has been around for a great deal of time and currently has about ~40k downloaded uses on websites — in my opinion that makes a very trustworthy module to include on websites you maintain.

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