Drupal7 Module: Update Advanced

David G - DrupalThe update advanced module for Drupal is a module a system administrator on campus clued me in on. This handy little module adds some interesting options to the Drupal 7 core Update module configuration.

Why Is This Module Useful

This module is useful for server administrators, or Drupal platform providers. Not every sysadmin I know makes use of this module — but it’s a benefit to remove noise from drupal installations and security scans on websites from the Update module.

How to Use This Module

This module installs as any  other Drupal module. After activating the module you can head over the Reports -> Available Updates -> Settings page and you will be presented with 2 new options:

  1. What to email reports about for module versioning — all updates or security-only updates.
  2. Per-Module thresholds for Update Scanning. You can select per module whether or not a specific version of the module is included in the Update check by drupal on Cron. If you choose to ignore a modules update you may in addition provide a Note regarding why your ignoring this module.
Example Settings for Update Advanced.

Example Settings for Update Advanced.

In the example screenshot you can see I’ve ignored some Contributed Modules specific versions (just for fun). Additionally, some custom modules I’ve created I’ve directed the Updater module to never scan — these modules will only ever be updated by hand. They do not exist on drupal.org so there is no (current) means to scan them. By configuring modules on this list the Update module will not include them in the notifications check run on the drupal site, causing your site to emit less noise to site administrator.

Custom built modules will always emit security notices to the defined administrator address. If your drupal host is powered largely by multisite installations of drupal — your host may request you install this module and configure all custom modules to be Ignored by the Updater checks.

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