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David G - DrupalRecently I was updating a website for a client for security upgrades to modules and adding some new functionality to the website. 1 update I was running was upgrading the Webform module from 3.x to version 4.x. Upon finishing up the upgrade I noticed I was receiving some odd errors as if I had not upgraded the module. Upon inspection I discovered I had 2 instances of the module installed and the Drush pm-info command was crucial in discovering this oversight.

The primary issue with the site in question is that in Drupal a module may be installed in many locations. An overview of those locations can be seen in this writeup I provided on Drupal.Stackexchange — I am aware of this functionality of Drupal. But, my site was still experiencing odd issues with the update, so I thought maybe this detail was playing a part in my website.

I develop my websites lately as an Install Profile, so my modules typically live in /profiles/MYPROFILES/modules. Often times though if I’m performing an emergency fix or add-on to a website I will place new modules in /sites/all/modules as modules in this location will be seen by all sites powered by the Drupal installation regardless of their Installation Profile.

I wanted to inspect what version of Webform my website was running after the upgrade and I issued drush pm-info webform:

dgurba@webserver:/www$ drush pm-info webform
 Extension     :  webform                                                           
 Project       :  webform                                                           
 Type          :  module                                                            
 Title         :  Webform                                                           
 Description   :  Enables the creation of forms and questionnaires.                 
 Version       :  7.x-3.0-rc5+17-dev                                                
 Package       :  Webform                                                           
 Core          :  7.x                                                               
 PHP           :  5.3                                                               
 Status        :  enabled                                                           
 Path          :  sites/all/modules                         
 Schema        :  7315                                                              
 Files         :  includes/exporters/webform_exporter_delimited.inc,                
                  views/webform.views.inc, tests/components.test,                   
                  tests/conditionals.test, tests/permissions.test,                  
                  tests/submission.test, tests/webform.test                         
 Requires      :  ctools, views                                                     
 Required by   :  eap_alumni, eap_base, eap_feedback_courses, eap_feedback_banking, 
                  eap_feedback_communication, eap_feedback_culture,                 
                  eap_feedback_food, eap_feedback_host_city,                        
                  eap_feedback_host_university, eap_feedback_housing,               
                  eap_feedback_instructor, eap_feedback_language,                   
                  eap_feedback_traveling, eap_photo_contest, eap_student_feedback2, 
                  eap_student_videos, student_story, eap_student_views,             
                  student_blogs, webform_entity, webform_entity_pages,              

Drush informed me that the site believed I was running webform 3.x still because there were 2 copies of the module: 1 in the installation profile and another in the sites/all/modules folder. I guess at runtime the /sites/all/modules copy of Webform was winning as the module the site was using.

The fix to this issue was relatively simple:

  • Assure that the database updates for webform were current for the 4.x version.
  • Delete the erroneous sites/all/modules webform folder and contents
  • Then assure the webform 4.x module is seen by the site using drush pm-info again. If not run Registry Rebuild or update the entries in the System table for the webform module file locations.

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