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David G - DrupalWhenever I’m using Drupal as a site administrator I look for tools that help me to better navigate the aadministrationpages. Sometimes there may be many mouse-clicks and page(s) of navigation to accomplish a task. A prime example of this is the steps necessary for making a new menu item in an existing or new menu. It’s like 4 mouse clicks and 3 pages to accomplish this task, ouch! Some modules such as module filter and the fast permissions administration help to streamline administration usage. I’ve mentioned these modules in the past. A new module entering this space is the Context Docket module.

I use the Context module regularly. The context module allows you as a site developer to define a series of conditions (which represent a context) for which you want to define a reaction for. For example a typical context I always create is a frontpage context which usually is:

  • Conditions: Path = <front>
  • Reaction: place some blocks in Regions

An example of my context admin page for an existing website is:

Contexts for a website for students attending programs overseas.

Contexts for a website for students attending programs overseas.

As you can see by default Context attempts to show your configuration is a straightforward manner — but as the number of contexts grows on your website this page can easily become convoluted. All we need to do is install the Context Docket module and reload the page and it is reassembled into a page that is much more usable and searchable:

 > drush dl context_docket --select
Choose one of the available releases for context_docket:
 [0]  :  Cancel                                                 
 [1]  :  7.x-1.x-dev  -  2014-Dec-20  -  Development            
 [2]  :  7.x-1.0      -  2014-Dec-20  -  Supported, Recommended
Project context_docket (7.x-1.0) downloaded to                            [success]
> drush en context_docket -y
The following extensions will be enabled: context_docket
Do you really want to continue? (y/n): y
context_docket was enabled successfully.                                  [ok]
Context Docket module in action! It reorganizes the Context Admin UI page.

Context Docket module in action! It reorganizes the Context Admin UI page.

Again, like the other site administrator helper modules I’ve discussed before this module is very much simply an enable and forget module. Content Managers and site end users will never see this module being in-use. This module is simply to help the site administrator or developer in how they interact with the website. This module is newly released as of December 2014. If I were to bet, I’d say eventually this module will become apart of the main Context module.

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  1. Loloy D says:

    You actually helped me learn how to use the Context module and what it is supposed to be used for. I’ve been using CTools for so long but I haven’t really scratched the surface on how to take advantage of what it offers due to its pretty lame documentation.

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