Donations Extension for Joomla

OSDonate is a simple extension that allows us to get donations through the Paypal Donate Button in an easy and simple way. In this article I will explain how to add a PayPal Donate button on your Joomla site. 

  1. Download the OSDonate.
    • Extension features:
      • Easy to Setup.
      • Secure.
      • Integrates with Paypal.
      • Adjustable distances from edge of screen.
      • Success return page.
      • Cancel return page.
      • Company logo within Paypal’s Donation Form.
      • Customizable Paypal description within Paypal’s Donation Form.
      • Standard or adjustable donation amount.
      • Full language file for easy translation.
      • Responsive Design.
  2. Login as an administrator to Joomla. login form
  3. Go to menu Extensions > Extension Manager, and install the plugin. If you don’t know how to this, read this article.  extension manager
  4. Now that you installed the plugin, you have to enable it. To do this, go to Extensions -> Module Manager, search and select the component and click the Publish button: publish component
  5. Configure the basic settings, add your email / PayPal ID, position, assign to menu items. Click on Save. edit settings extension
  6. And that’s it! You added a donation button to your website. donation extension

This concludes Donations Extension for Joomla.

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