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For any Document Management system versioning is very essential feature. It should provide a feature though which different version of Document can be maintained. It will help organizations to manage, maintain and control important documents without data loss. Consider a scenario when more than one person have access on any particular document and all of them have edit writes there are chances changes done by one user will be overwritten by other user which will result in the data loss or data inconsistency. Alfresco has strong versioning capabilities It allows document to be versionable so that each time document is updated it will create new version in the Alfresco repository and along with the it store full history of document updates so that at any point user can compare two different version or can revert back to previous version of document whenever he like.

Enable versioning on particular document

  • Go to the document detail page of particular document
  • Go to version history section and expand it
  • Click on Allow Versioning link.
Allow Versioning

Allow Versioning

To Use the Versioning Feature

  • Click on upload new version link
  • Upload the updated file from your local drive.
  • Alfresco will ask you for details of new version
  • Give details and select new version (minor or major).
  • Click on OK it will create new version of document.
  • You will be able to see two different versions of documents available in same version history section.

    Alfresco Version History

    Alfresco Version History

  • Initially you will be able to see version 1.0 available.
Initial Version

Initial Version

This is how document version works in Alfresco. Although I have shown it though explorer interface you easily will be able to figure out the ways to deal with it in Alfresco Share User Interface.

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