Disable Logs in Elgg 1.8

Logs are a way to keep track of bugs or errors on your elgg site, however sometimes are not necessary at all and logs only create more “Trash data” on your server and data base. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to disable logs in elgg 1.8

1. Download the community plugin No logging here.

2. Unzip the plugin in the mod folder your elgg site:

no logging

3. Go to the Administration Dashboard of your site.


4. Then go to menu “Configure -> Plugins“:


5. Search for “No Logging 1.8.0” plugin and click on activate:


Upon activation, elgg will no longer save logs in your database.

Here are some recommendations that may be useful to you, concerning logs:

• Do NOT delete the system_log table in the database even after you enabled the No Logging plugin! Deleting this table will result in fatal errors if you ever disable the No Logging plugin again (or in case any plugin tries to write into / read from this table by other means beside the default events controlled by the No Logging plugin). This table will not be re-created automatically. Simply keep the system_log table even if it is empty.

• You can / should keep the Log Rotate plugin enabled at least for a while after enabling the No Logging plugin. The entries in the system_log table will be archived into the system_log_ tables in the course of time until the system_log table is emptied completely. You can delete the system_log_ tables without risk or let the Log Rotate plugin delete them according to the configured schedule.

• Once the system_log table is empty you can disable the Log Rotate and the Logbrowser plugin if you want to. The Garbage Collector plugin is something different. It’s not connected with the system_log table, the Log Rotate or Logbrowser plugins or the No Logging plugin. Keep it enabled.

This concludes Disable Logs in elgg 1.8

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