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Alfresco Share has given great user friendliness to Alfresco.  It gives a nice look and feel to a product. Sometimes we have a situation where we only have to store a set of properties and we do not actually have any content associated. For instance if you want to keep track of some business cards where all the details like name, company, etc… are stored in only property(meta-data) you do not have any actual content to relate to them.

Most of the time we encounter this situation when we want to utilize Alfresco for web content management. Earlier we used to Web forms in alfresco but now as it is deprecated we need to create a form in Alfresco Share which will enable user to feed in all related property and then it will generate 0kb content which has set of properties attached to them.

Now the reason I am discussing this scenario is that If we do certain changes in Alfresco user interface in above cases then it could be more user friendly. For instance content previewer is not of any use in above situation as we do not have any actual content which is to be previewed. Most important thing is properties so in place of content previewer we can set content properties.

This is how original content detail page looks like. User has to scroll down to reach to properties page.


Let us see how we can achieve this.

Step 1:

Stop Alfresco server

Step 2:

Navigate to document-details.ftl file under your alfresco installation


Step 3

Edit this file to remove “web-preview” region from ftl and place “document-metadata” in place of that.

It should look as follow after replacement.

<#include "include/alfresco-template.ftl" /> 
   <@script type="text/javascript" src="${url.context}/res/modules/documentlibrary/doclib-actions.js" group="document-details"/> 
   <@link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="${url.context}/res/components/document-details/document-details-panel.css" group="document-details"/> 
   <@templateHtmlEditorAssets /> 
   <@markup id="alf-hd"> 
   <div id="alf-hd"> 
      <@region id="mobile-app" scope="template"/> 
      <@region scope="global" id="share-header" chromeless="true"/> 
   <@markup id="bd"> 
   <div id="bd"> 
      <@region id="actions-common" scope="template"/> 
      <@region id="actions" scope="template"/> 
      <@region id="node-header" scope="template"/> 
      <div class="yui-gc"> 
         <div class="yui-u first"> 
            <#if (config.scoped['DocumentDetails']['document-details'].getChildValue('display-web-preview') == "true")> 
                    <@region id="document-metadata" scope="template"/>  
            <@region id="comments" scope="template"/> 
         <div class="yui-u"> 
            <@region id="document-actions" scope="template"/> 
            <@region id="document-tags" scope="template"/> 
            <@region id="document-links" scope="template"/>             
            <@region id="document-sync" scope="template"/> 
            <@region id="document-permissions" scope="template"/> 
            <@region id="document-workflows" scope="template"/> 
            <@region id="document-versions" scope="template"/> 
            <@region id="document-publishing" scope="template"/> 
            <#if imapServerEnabled> 
               <@region id="document-attachments" scope="template"/> 
      <@region id="html-upload" scope="template"/> 
      <@region id="flash-upload" scope="template"/> 
      <@region id="file-upload" scope="template"/> 
      <@region id="dnd-upload" scope="template"/> 
   <@region id="doclib-custom" scope="template"/> 
   <@markup id="alf-ft"> 
   <div id="alf-ft"> 
      <@region id="footer" scope="global"/> 


Step 4:

Start server again and go to document detail page. You should be able to see the changes.


It should look like above image after changes. Looks great isn’t it? Nice utilization of space in page.

NOTE: This is  just a quick fix ideally you should implement it with extension module as this will create issue in case of upgrade.
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