Directory Opus – A Must Have Tool for Hosting Junkies

If you host multiple Web Sites like me, you spend a lot of time using FTP, Windows Explorer, zipping, unzipping, finding/viewing images, etc.  I have been using an Advanced Windows File Manager tool from a company in Australia for 7 years now. It has saved me 100’s of hours work in that time.

No.  I do not work there and I am not an affiliate.  I am just sharing a little known secret that will help Power Users. See my NOTE at the end of this blog.

When installed, Directory Opus becomes your new windows file Explorer, only ten times better.

Your favorite features in Opus will be:

1) Dual Display File Tree View
2) FTP – very good Secure SSL/SSH FTP
3) Synchronize – Yes. Synchronize desktop and FTP folders instantly.
4) Picture Viewer with Slideshows
5) right click menu Zip and unzip
6) lots more…

PC Magazine in this article said…
“Directory Opus 8 makes Windows Explorer obsolete.”

Directory Opus is made by an Australian company called GP Software.  The latest version as of this writing is V  It supports Windows 7 and earlier and is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Here are a few screen shots from my PC showing off Directory Opus.

First Dual Display FTP with File Synchronize options at the bottom.

and image displays…

Test Drive Directory Opus for 60 days and see for yourself here.
Check out all the features here.

Directory Opus is not cheap at $84.00 U.S.  However I can honestly say it has paid for itself over and over again in the time I have saved using it.

NOTE: If you only have one Web Site and FTP files up to it once a month and are not a programmer/developer, then Directory Opus is probably not for you.  This application provides great value for the Power User but is not worth the $ for the casual computer user.

All you Power Users, I expect “Thank You” comments coming soon!

Take Care and Happy Hosting

Rick Hubka

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3 Comments on Directory Opus – A Must Have Tool for Hosting Junkies

  1. Jordan says:

    Another excellent program that is very helpful for managing websites is Beyond Compare from
    It’s a little different than Directory Opus, but at $30 for a standard license it’s a great deal. I find it an indispensable program and it’s rare that a day goes by where I don’t use it. It can be used to compare files and folders both locally and remotely via FTP. It allows you to easily copy entire folders, individual files, or even within a file line by line. It makes trying to determine what changed simple and allows you to easily push out only the changed files.

  2. Leo Davidson says:

    Combining the main post and the previous comment, Directory Opus and Beyond Compare work great together.

    You can create buttons/hotkeys/context-menus/etc. in Opus which run Beyond Compare against the selected files or source/destination directories:

  3. I like to use, an open source FTP that is just great! (and free!).

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