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Screenshot_1For many websites being able to make use of rich media in a quick and simple way is an important. Video is an incredibly popular medium to use and it’s very likely if you are running a community site, your site users will want to share a number of videos on a regular basis so it’s important to make this as easy as possible for them.

ocPortal allows you to create custom comcode tags which will allow you to do a number of things including creating embed codes for external video sources, but not all of your users will be able to understand how to use a comcode tag. ocPortal offers an optional addon which incorporates this coding in to your site allowing users to post videos by just pasting in the URL. The Direct video link posting addon will allow you to paste links to Facebook, YouTube, CNN, or links to mp3 files which will then appear on the page, forum post or news post. You will need to install this addon from the ocPortal addons directory.

Installing the direct video link posting addon in ocPortal

  • Log in to your adminzone
  • Navigate to the structure and then addons section of the Adminzone
  • Scroll down to and click import non bundled addons
  • On the next screen select the download check box an expand the New Features section of the tree
  • Select direct Video Link Posting an click the Import Non-Bundled addons button
  • The next screen will show you which files will be update as the addon is installed. It is important you check this list carefully if you have changed any templates on your site or any of the other coding
  • Once you are happy click proceed which is found in the bottom right

The addon should now be installed an you can go to a page or news article to test it by pasting a link in to the page and seeing if it appears correctly. If everything is working it should look something like the screenshot in the top right.

I hope you find this addon useful an if you have any issues please post a comment either below, on the Arvixe forums or on the ocPortal official forum

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