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Since last few post we are discussing related to new debug menu available in Alfresco share. In the first post related to that I had shown you one of the image relating to the developers view in Alfresco share and promised to discuss more on that in upcoming post and here it is.

So first of all how to switch to that view?

  • Enable Debug mode in Alfresco server. Refer this post for more detail on how to enable that.
  • Login as Admin.
  • Go to Debug menu and select option “Toggle Developer view”.

Alfresco Developers view option

  • You will be able to see following screen.
Alfresco Developers view

Alfresco Developers view

Now let us see what are in the store for us there.When you switch to developers view all components of page are outlined and magnified to make them distinguishable from each other. There is a icon on the right top corner of each component. When you click on that icon it will give us details of that component as you can see in following image.

Alfresco Developer view DetailAs you could see it gives details related to the widget. Based on this information you can get idea related to which widget is responsible for given component.  This will help developer to dig into related code.

You can switch back to original page either by refreshing page or clicking on same button. We have still few things remaining to discuss in that menu which we will go through in upcoming post.

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