Detect mobile device in ASP.NET Web Forms

Currently, it is necessary to give relevance to mobile devices when we are developing an application web. In this article, I will show an example on how to detect a mobile device in ASP.NET Web Forms.

HttpCapabilitiesBase.IsMobileDevice Property gets a value indicating whether the browser is a recognized mobile device.

Property Value:

  • Type: System.Boolean
  • true if the browser is a recognized mobile device; otherwise, false. The default is true.

Example: I will show a short code based on visual c # about using this property.

Click in the top menu File -> New Project:


In the New Project dialog box, select Templates -> Visual C# and click ASP.NET Web Application, then, in the next step under ASP.NET Templates 4.5.2, click Web Forms:


Inside the principal form, paste the following code, which will serve to detect mobile devices:



System.Web.HttpBrowserCapabilities browser = Request.Browser;

if (browser.IsMobileDevice == true)

Label1.Text = “MY APP ASP.NET – MOBILE”;


Label1.Text = “MY APP ASP.NET – DESKTOP”;

And that’s it! This short code helps to detect whether the device is mobile or not.

This concludes Detect mobile device in ASP.NET Web Forms.

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