Delete Subdomains in WebsitePanel

In this article I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to remove subdomains in WebsitePanel.

1. Sign into your WebsitePanel:

12. Before deleting the subdomain, it is necessary to delete the website first. Go to Web and then click on Websites:

23. Click on the name of the website that you want to delete:


4. Click on Delete to remove the website:


5. Now click on Domains:


6. Click on the name of the subdomain that you will delete:


7. Click on Delete:


8. In the Warning Dialog, Click Ok:


That’s it! The Subdomain has been disabled.

This concludes Delete Subdomains in WebsitePanel

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Happy Hosting!

Rodolfo Hernandez

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2 Comments on Delete Subdomains in WebsitePanel

  1. Hayes says:

    Delete ‘subdomain’ by deleting the entire website? Ouch, what am I not getting here?

    What if there is simply a change or transfer or removal and building of more than one subdomain on the website? I must be confused? Thank you ahead of time for clarification for those like me with less experience.

  2. Hayes says:

    R.H. Thank you for posting this, as it got me thinking also, as well as I was having issue trying to same and found your post today. And then I found this posting. I am curious, as sometimes there are two or three ways to resolve a variety of issues? Thank you ahead of time for your postings and comments:

    and in particular, this comment:
    You can remove the domain pointer from the website’s properties page of your control panel.

    Login to your control panel > web > websites > click on the site to which the pointer is set > go to the “pointers” tab > and there you will get option to delete the pointer.
    Abner Myloth
    Shift Manager

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