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Sometimes after a lot of work on your Concrete5 website, you still get a feeling it isn’t looking… quite right. Maybe a different color scheme is what it needs.Stock C5 page The great news is that C5 is designed for customizing your site without touching a single line of code! You can completely transform your site without changing themes. Here’s how to do it.
Let’s look at a standard C5 web page that uses the default “Greek Yogurt” theme. To modify the baseline color scheme, go to your “Dashboard “> then “Pages & Themes” > and select “Themes”. Installed themesYou’ll now be viewing a list of the pre-installed themes and any you may have added from the marketplace. The “Greek Yogurt” theme is the active theme (the active theme is always highlighted) and it can be modified by selecting the “Customize” button after it. All the elements you can customize are listed at the top of the page and a sample page below will illustrate your modifications as you select them.Custom panel

color selector

Just click on the color selector icon after the area description and the following color selector opens. Dragging the little circle in the color pane modifies the color selection (and the slider to the right of the color pane modifies the primary color in the pane).

  TIP #1: Don’t forget to click the OK button at the bottom right of the color selector to confirm your color change! Once all your color changes are made, just click save at the bottom of the page, return to your website, refresh the page and congratulations… your website has a face lift! save changes              revised page

TIP #2: Modifications to your site are best done with the cached turned off, or they may not be visible immediately (Dashboard > Systems & Settings > Optimization > Cache & Speed Settings). If they don’t show up right away, refresh your site cache and browser cache as well.

Of course, you can also modify individual blocks of content on your website in addition to the site-wide color changes. Just put the page in edit mode, click the block you want to modify and choose “Design” from the drop-down. The design option for blocks allows you to customize type, add borders, and add a color or image for a background.block design
Give it a try! Remember… If you don’t like it, you can put it back the way it was 🙂
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