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In previous article content modeling in Alfresco I had explained about content modeling how to start with content model and how to create it. Now once we have it deployed in the alfresco we will create contents with that custom content types but now we also need to be able to search those documents and in order to add your custom content model in the Alfresco Share advance search you need to follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Create your custom Content Model which contains your custom content type and custom aspects as explained in earlier post content modeling in Alfresco.(customModel.xml)

Step 2:

Register that content model through context file. It contains the location of model.


Step 3:

Add that custom type and custom aspect in the Alfresco share configuration file.

Check the Type Entry in share-config-custom.xml file under Document Library Config


<type name=”cm:content”>

<subtype name=”my:sop” />

<subtype name=”iabook:Product” />



Step 4:

Create search Form in share-config-custom.xml file for how to show and what are the properties to be shown while your custom type is selected during the advance search.

There will be two config entries under that file one under Advance Search config which will add the custom content type in the list of available types in search dropdown as shown in below image.

Alfresco Advance Search

Alfresco Advance Search

Step 5:

Deploy everything

  • Content Model Deployment

Content Model to be deployed at path along with its context file


(customModel.xml and custom-model-context.xml)

  • Custom Share file deployment

Place the share custom files i.e. share-config-custom.xml at


Step 6:

Test it in alfresco share. In drop down of content type you will see your custom content type.

When you select that you will be able to see your custom properties as well.

Alfresco Advance Search

Alfresco Advance Search

This is how we can add custom content type in Alfresco share advance search.

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2 Comments on Customize Alfresco Share Advance Search

  1. Pooja says:

    Thank you for your blog it was worth reading but am stuck! to customize the search behavior, “OR” is the default value for searching “AND” and “NOT” are also supported but how to accomplished it any suggestion….

    • mitpatoliya says:

      Hi Pooja,
      You can configure search behavior though overriding configuration of following tag in alfresco-config-custom.xml change value to toggle between and and or

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