Customer Can Get a Complete Solution with Arvixe Web Hosting

Each hosting plan needs various features. The customer who are looking for a reliable and long term relations with a hosting company, wants everything that they need today and for future. So what that features are;

A. Control Panel: Give freedom to customer so they can setup many things themselves instead of depend on hosting provider

B. Email Accounts and its management: Emails are essential part of every business and customer require add/update and securing the password themselves.

C. Backup: The server at which a client placed their important web portal needs a standard solution for backing up configuration, files and data so in case of server crash, the loose of client data should be avoid.

D. FTP Access: 24/7 Access to hosting space of server is mandatory for uploading/modifying the web contents;

E. Information about Website: The statistics like site visit information are important to set the sales and website development strategy.

F. Bandwidth: If the offered bandwidth is limited, the visitors of customer’s website will definitely leave them.

G. Support: The after sales support is matter. Any miss-configuration or problem at client’s hosting space needs urgent attention so 9 to 5 support is not an option.

H. Price: The price is low or high; many customers focus on them, but whatever price is set, that should be based on values given to customer.

I. Security: The server itself and the client’s hosting space should be taken care with security in mind.

So with Arvixe, I can say you are getting all the above. There is also other feature that might be missed but these above are a list for you (as potential customer) so you can be sure about what you are getting.

Looking for quality web hosting? Look no further than Arvixe Web Hosting!

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  1. Can’t wait to try arvixe hosting

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