Custom Error Page in WebsitePanel

In this article I will show you how to set up a custom 404 error page in WebsitePanel.

Note: This is an updated version of this article

Default 404 error page

Default 404 error page in WebsitePanel

1. Log into WebsitePanel.

2. Click on Websites:

Picture 13. Click on the website that you want to set up the custom 404 error page

Picture 34. In the Website Properties page, select the ‘Custom Errors’ Tab:

Picture 4

5. Now, let’s set up the error. There are several codes that you could use and are available in the internet, in this case we will use the not found error code, which is ‘404’. For Handler Type, select redirect and in the Error Content text box, write down the URL address of your custom error page. After that click on Update to apply the changes:

Picture 5

6. And that’s it! A custom error page has been set

This concludes Setting up a custom error page in WebsitePanel

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Happy Hosting!

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2 Comments on Custom Error Page in WebsitePanel

  1. Kyle Finley says:

    This is NOT a good solution. Yes you will get the page displayed BUT the response code will be changed to a 200. This is completely the wrong way to handle server response codes and will hurt your SEO efforts.

    I’ve contacted Arvixe support on how to get proper custom 404 pages to work with proper 404 status codes intact and have yet to hear a response back. I’m very disappointed that getting this to work is not straightforward and has required me to contact support for something that should be simple.

    • Hello Kyle,

      I’m sorry for the inconveniences. In step 4, you need to have your custom error page uploaded in your site, where you will redirect users, instead of showing the other error page. Who did you talk in support? Any ticked id?

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