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Do you have a custom 404 error page that only says the page was not found and gives a link at the bottom? Well, today I will give you a great tip that has worked for me over the years. You will lose fewer visitors than with a plain 404 error page and be able to increase your earnings.

So you want to keep more visitors on your website, even if they didn’t find the page they were looking for? When somebody gets to your 404 page, you want that person to stay. Aside from displaying a message that just says the page was not found, you will also need to add more items that will try to advertise your website. You could possibly add internal links of interest; this way, even if they did not find what they were looking for, they can read some other thing that is related to their topic.

Even thought the 404 is an error page, make sure to keep your main menu on the page. This allows the user to browse other parts of your website as well.

In the beginning, I mentioned increasing earnings. How? By keeping some sort of advertisement in there! It doesn’t have to be some other companies’ ads, but it can be your own as well. If you are a company that offers services, keep an ad that catches your visitors’ attention to some sort of promo or special.

All in all, do not leave the error page plain and boring. Your main objective is to keep visitors on your site, as they could be potential clients. Any questions or comments, please let me know.

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