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While Oxwall 1.6 development is humming along nicely, we never stop making other, less noticed but very useful things for the community. Earlier we released a CSV user data import plugin. Here it goes: http://www.oxwall.org/store/item/718

It does what it says — lets you import your user accounts from other databases to restart your community on Oxwall. It doesn’t import other content like blogs, photos, etc, but attempts to bring all critical user profile data into the new place.

People always asked for such a tool, so we tried to make it as useful and easy to use as possible. Feel free to try it out. This is version 1.0, so we are listening to your feedback, and of course, problem reports.

Thank you,
Charles Benson,   http://OxwallAccessories.com

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Credit for blog post goes to Emil from the Oxwall Team.

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2 Comments on CSV Import for Oxwall

  1. john wilkins says:

    Having trouble importng users from a WordPress site. I cannot get the CSV Iporter to work,
    when I launch it just get a blank screen.

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