Creating your own website using Templates Express!


My name’s Brian and today I’m going to show you how you can easily create your own custom website starting with a template from Templates Express, which is just a small part of Fantastico.

You can make a website like this easily with Templates Express!

You can make a website like this easily with Templates Express!

Let’s start by getting a template, this will get you a very nice looking start to your website.

First login to your cPanel, Click on Fantastico (It’s under the heading “Software/Services”).
Once you’re in Fantastico look at the many options on the left-hand side. All of these scripts can be automatically installed for you on your website through Fantastico, but we’re looking for Template Express (It’s listed under the heading “Site Builders”).

Once you click on Template Express you’ll be shown some different categories of templates. I installed the template called Personal 5. Click on the template you want to start the installation process. Templates Express is going to ask you for a little bit of input before it sets everything up. The information varies by template, but make sure the folder you tell it to install to doesn’t exist yet (or delete the folder if it does).

Once Templates Express is finished installing your template you’ll get something like this:

A decent start to a great-looking website

Now that’s a fine website, but it doesn’t have any information about me! (or anyone, for that matter) I started by chaging some of the pictures on the main page. The way i do this is by right-clicking on the image i want to change, selecting “view image” from the menu that appears, and then making note of what shows up in the address bar (that’ll tell you where the file is and what it’s called). I then go back to the file manager in cPanel and download the image(s) I want to edit. After firing up my image editor of choice (GIMP or Photoshop work great), I make the changes I want and reupload the image(s).

Now that we’ve got the images squared away, let’s get down to business on the content. This is what’s gonna make or break your website in the end. cPanel has a built-in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor that works really well here. You click on the checkbox next to the file you want to edit in the file manager, and then click the button labeled HTML Editor.

This button will allow you to change your webstie easily!

This will bring you to a preview of the page you selected, and will allow you to edit it very easily and without having to download anything. Let’s start by adding some content to this page. It’s as easy as clicking on some text you want to edit and making the changes. You can also click on the button labeled source in the bottom left corner to edit the HTML source directly.

The preview button will let you see what your site looks like with the changes you’ve made. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Much better, and it was easy!

Much better, and it was easy!

That’s about it! You’ve got a great website done with Fantastico, Templates Express, and the HTML Editor in cPanel. If you really want to get into your site you can change the fonts and other properties either for a little bit of text, or more globally through the use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). With just these simple tools you can make a great custom website in only a few hours!

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  1. Lynn says:

    Thanks — just wanted you to know that this helped me. I’ve been fumbling through editing a template and didn’t know it was clickable. 🙂

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    the info u give me is very useful thx alot ,…how lucky am i to know this site by coincident thx again,…

  3. This layout is very tasteful, and you wrote the subject matter quite well thanks. great site

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