How to Create Membership Subscriptions in phpFox

This article will focus on how and why you may want to create membership subscriptions for your website.

Creating a membership subscription will allow you to generate income by allowing members to have access to pay to use features of your website.  You may want to allow your basic members the ability to upload photos and add blogs, but you may want to allow a paid member to create pages, upload videos, or even to post items for sale in the marketplace.  Setting up membership subscriptions will allow you to do these easily.


The first thing you want to do, is make sure you have created your upgraded user group.  Select Users > Create User Group.

On the next screen, you will see the following:

It is important that you add the User Group Name (in this case I named it Premium Member) and the user group that it is inheriting the basic settings from.  I suggest that before creating subscriptions and user groups, that you have already edited the default user group settings so that they are how you want them to be, this will save you some time in the long run, so that you don’t have to go back and duplicate all the settings that will be the same in the upgraded user groups.  Note that the HTML Prefix, HTML Suffix, and Icon fields are not required.  When you have chosen the name and the user group this group will inherit settings from, select Add User Group.

The next screen you should see if the user group was added correctly, is the Manage Settings screen for your new user group.

For more information on how to manage user group settings, please see the following article: How to Manage User Group Settings in phpFox


Now that you have created your upgraded user group, it is time to create the subscription.

Select Modules > Create New Package

On the following screen, the following fields are required:

Title, Description, User Group on Success, and User Group on Failure.  You will also want to decide if you want your members to be able to choose the upgraded membership when they first register to your site, how much the subscription costs, as well as the duration of the subscription.  Your members will always have the option to cancel their memberships or not renew them.  User Group on Success means that they will be moved to this user group when they make their payment, User Group on Failure means they will be moved to this user group when their subscription expires or they do not pay to renew it.

When you have filled out the above fields to your satisfaction, select Submit.

If your subscription has been created successfully you should see the following:


By default, the subscriptions module is not enabled.  You now want to enable this module.

Select Settings > Manage Settings

To edit settings for the subscription module, select Subscribe from the next screen.

To enable subscriptions, select True for the Enable Subscription Packages setting.  If you require your members to choose a subscription package when they register to your site, you will want to select True for Subscription on registration is required as well.

Once you have edited these settings to your liking, click Submit.

Now you are able to create and understand why you may want to create membership subscriptions.

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