Creating Bookmark Icons for your Concrete5 Website

Favicons are the images used to help bookmark webpages and add strong identity to your browser tab. Ideally, they should be unique and readily identifiable. The following screen-cast will introduce you to them and illustrate how easy it is to add them to your Concrete5 website.

Like a successful business logo, a well-designed favicon reflects well on you and your website.
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Adrian Rick

Adrian is an "Enthusiastic Website Junky" and active member of the Concrete5 community. As the operations manager for a midwestern manufacturer, he is responsible for the development and maintenence of several commercial websites. His company, Advertisers Resource Company (AdReCo Media) specializes in creating user friendly websites using the open source CMS Concrete5.

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  1. Thanks! I was actually going with the code that you can generate on several “free” websites but it always gave me headaches. Will now try your approach from the video.

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