Creating a Simple MojoPortal Website Part 2

This follows on from the previous article.

In this article, I will add some text to the home page using the HTML module and add some additional pages. The home page will look as follows:

First, I log in to activate the edit menus, then click Edit This Page

I then add a new HTML feature, giving it a name and pressing the Create New Content button, then select view the page

The new HTML module is now displayed, so I can now select Edit to edit its content.

I enter some text, but also want a photo or two. I place a copy of my photos in the \data\sites\1\images folder (create one if it does not exist) and make sure it is a reasonable size, maybe 200×300. I use FastStone (a free download) to resize my images.

With the file in place, I press the image icon to add an image into my HTML. Using the popup box, I can browse for my image. When selected, I set the width to 130 and set a value of 10 for H Spacing and set the alignment as right.

I also use the Insert Horizontal Line icon to add a couple of lines to give extra impact

Then, I am going to add another HTML module under the last one. I could just add more to the existing HTML module, but I prefer to keep them as separate items, so I press Update to save this item, then add the extra one in the same way.

Now to add some extra pages. From the admin menu, I press New Page

I select the parent page as Root and type in the page name. The URL field updates automatically. Then I press the Create New Page button.

The page that is displayed next gives you an opportunity to make changes to the new page. If you want to add another new page, you need to press Add/Edit Pages

Then Add New Page

I do this for all my new pages.

Now I want to turn the pictures at the top of my homepage into links. I know I have already got a menu that allows the user to get to all my pages, but I have found that some users have a reluctance to press menu buttons.

To do this, from the edit menu for the module, I select Edit to bring up the HTML editor

In the HTML editor, I right click on the first image and select Image Properties

I then choose the Link tab and set the URL, in my case to /menu.aspx, then press OK.

I also want to make the text into links, so I select the text and press the link icon to bring up the link box, then type the URL, for me /menu.aspx, and press OK.

And now I have my home page, other pages and links set!

If you have any questions or queries on this or similar topics you are welcome to post a comment, ask a question in the Arvixe MojoPortal Forum or email me.

I suggest you also refer to the excellent MojoPortal documentation and videos.

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