Creating A Local MojoPortal Website

This article builds on the previous post in this series and provides a step by step guide on downloading and installing MojoPortal on your local machine. Later posts will build on this by showing you how to publish your site, customize it, add extra features and switch between local and remote environments with great ease.


You should already have downloaded and installed Microsoft Platform Installer and Microsoft WebMatrix.

Downloading and installing MojoPortal via WebMatrix

WebMatrix makes this really easy. Start off by running WebMatrix.

Create a new site:

select ne site from gallery


open menuselect new site from web gallery

Select MojoPortal, enter a name and press next:select MojoPortal

Read and, if you agree, accept the EULA:

accept EULA

MojoPortal will be downloaded, which may take a short while. When the next screen is displayed, enter in the details as shown below. You should use the usernames and passwords shown here to make sure you don’t accidentally introduce any issues (one of the problems I had initially was down to the usernames I used).

enter details

MojoPortal will now install.

When the screen comes up, press OK.

MojoPortal installed

WebMatrix should now startup your local website. Click on the link to open up your site in your web browser (you need to keep WebMatrix running to be able to access your local site).

WbMatrix starts local site

When you first open up your local website in your browser, MojoPortal will perform some checks and run some scripts to initialize the database.

performing checks

You may need to scroll down to get to the link button. Click it to take you to the website homepage.

click link to home page

Congratulations! You have now setup your first MojoPortal Website.

First MojoPortal Website

If you plan to follow the next posts in this series, it is a good idea to resist the temptation to start making changes to the site, just in case you introduce any issues.

You could setup a second site for playing around with so that you can keep this one exactly the same as mine for following through the posts.

I hope this has been helpful to you. If it has, I would be very pleased if you left a comment on this post.

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