Creating a Basic ‘Page Type’ in the Silvestripe CMS

  1. Create a new file called ‘HomePage.php’ in your ‘mysite/code/ folder. This time HomePage.php:
    class HomePage extends Page {
    class HomePage_Controller extends Page_Controller {	
  2.  The first section ‘HomePage’ will define any data we want this page to use.
  3. ‘HomePage_Controller’ defines what we do with this data.
  4. The new page type doesn’t just appear, we have to ‘build’ the database again:
    1.Make sure you have uploaded 'HomePage.php' to your webserver,
    2.Make sure you are logged in to your silverstripe website(
    3.Go to
    4.You should see some lines of text, some of them green, and no errors
    5.Go to your admin area: (reload it if it's already open)

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