Create Your Own Name Server to Use as Name Server Record

By using WebsitePanel (windows hosting), this tutorial will guide you through using A record as a server name.

Requirement: You should have a constant or dedicated IP address on the server that your domain is being hosted on. This could be a CONSTANT shared IP at the server. You will need to contact your registrar to register your domain as a nameserver.  In most cases, you can log in to your domain management page to set this up.

Each domain needs at least two DNS IP addresses to point the domain to its hosted server. At Arvixe, this could be and Here, server is the server name at which your domain is hosted with Arvixe. You may wish to create and use your own NS like and This looks better and if you have two dedicated IP addresses (, this works better too.

Step 1. Log in to your WebSitePanel account.

Step 2. Create an A-Record with the following information:

Record Type = A

Record Name: ns1 (or whatever you want to use as NS with your domain. You could use, for example, sun)

IP: The server IP address at which your domain is hosted.

Step 3. Create another A record with following information.

Record Type = A

Record Name: ns2 (or whatever you want to use as the second NS with your domain. You could use, for example, moon)

IP: The server’s second IP address at which this domain is hosted. This should be different than the previous A record.

In step 2 and 3, you will find the values for each input to create two A record for using as name servers. Please see if you do not know how to reach this A record creation page.

Now you have two NS record. Let’s assume they are;


Now wait for 12 hours (at least 6 hours minimum) before using them as your name server. Once you change your NS, each request will obtain this new information automatically.

Please note that when you change name servers for your domain, your site may (or may not as your domain location is not changed and propagation of your created NS is already done) be down for a few hours. To prevent any downtime, you should apply this once you start your hosting.

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