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In alfresco Share after Alfresco WCM has been deprecated there are two significant features introduced to compensate for old Alfresco WCM features. In erstwhile Alfresco AVM we had features of snapshot deployment and sandboxes to create separate Alfresco staging environment and Alfresco production environment. With the help of those features we were able to have multiple authoring sandboxes for different authors and they can create contents independently and then deploy it to main staging sandbox.

In Alfresco share we have two services called Replication Service and Form Services which helps to provide alternatives for those features. We can create replication jobs in alfresco share through which we can have similar arrangement. Scheduled Jobs can be created which will run on given time interval and copy selected contents into given destination through Replication Service.

Here are the steps to create Replication Jobs.


Login as Admin and Go to >>> Administrator Tools from top menu


Go to Replication Jobs option from left side menu you will see following screen which provide platform to create new replication job.



Click on Create replication job button and start filling all parameters.


Select payload which is nothing but set of contents which you wants to replicate with that job execution, you can see following screen to select payload.



Select target groups from the repository. If there is no existing target then you need to create one. To create new target group go to following path and simply create new folder. There is a rule created on parent folder which will make all new child folders target by adding special aspect on it.


Once you create new target Group it will be visible on select target screen as follow.



Setup time and interval of repetition of job as you can see most of those fields are self-explanatory. Screen will look like below figure.


Click on create job button and you will be able to see newly create job along with all details as seen in below screen.

Sample Replication Job

Sample Replication Job

This is how you can create a new replication job in Alfresco we will see more details regarding this in upcoming post.

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