Create Contact Form Easily with WordPress Contact Bank

If you run a WordPress based blog, you should provide a mechanism for your visitors to contact you in case they have any queries.

You can provide your e-mail address directly on the contact page, but it will used mainly by spammers for sending unsolicited e-mails.

In this scenario, you should implement a contact form through which your visitors will be able to contact you. You need not have to disclose your e-mail address.

WP Contact Bank is a WordPress plugin that enables you to create contact forms very easily.

(1) Install and Activate WP Contact Bank plugin directly from the Plugins navigation panel on the WordPress admin dashboard

(2) Select Plugins | Add New

(3) Enter the keyword ‘WP Contact Bank’ on the textbox located on the top right hand side and press enter key.


(4) You will view a plugin card named ‘WP Contact Bank – Contact Forms Builder’

WP Contact Bank Plugin Card

(5) Select Install Now button

(6) The plugin will be automatically installed, activated and will be visible on the Plugins page

(7) You will also view a new option labeled ‘Contact Bank’ on the top navigation bar

WP Contact Bank Options

(8) Select Add New Form button located on the Dashboard panel

WP Contact Bank Add New Form

(9) First, you need to add a new form. You can only add one form if you use the default standard version. It is sufficient for all type of blogs.

Anand Narayanaswamy

(10) Provide the form name, description and relevant options for redirection.

(11) You should provide a text in the Success Message field. Your visitors will view this message after they submit the form.

(12) You will be able to see field options such as single line text, paragraph text, select box on the right hand side.

(13) However, the advanced options such as Name, URL, Address, File Upload are only available in the premium version.

(14) You will be able to see a shortcode on the Dashboard panel as soon as you save the form.

WP Contact Bank Edit Form

(15) You need to copy and paste the code into your WordPress page.

(16) I would suggest you to create a new page and add the shortcode.

It is not a wise idea to add the shortcode into your post. Make sure to select Text option in the visual editor in order to add the shortcode.

(17) If you preview the form it will not be good as you will see several fields captioned untitled.

(18) You need to select Edit Form option from the dashboard panel. If you scroll down you will view a panel with the caption – Form Layout Preview.

Form Layout Preview

(19) You can easily edit the form field caption and settings by selecting Settings button. A new dialog will popup as shown below

Form LayoutPreview Settings

WP Contact Bank is a bit complicated and powerful plugin with advanced features. If you work a little to edit the settings initially, your visitors will love to contact you through the contact form.

However, there are other simple plugins which are available on the official WordPress plugin page.

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2 Comments on Create Contact Form Easily with WordPress Contact Bank

  1. kscius says:

    I installed the plugin, but when i used only show me the message tha it was sent, but I never received a email.

    • Noah S says:

      Hi, the mail logs of the server would need to be checked as the filters could be catching it. Please contact your host’s support department and they will be able to assist you.

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