Create a Web Deploy Publish file with WebSitePanel

Web Deploy lets you publish an ASP application or website very easily. However you need to set up the credentials properly before publishing. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to create a web deploy publish file with WebsitePanel.Overview

Web Deploy is a tool that allows developers to compile and publish web applications from programming applications such as Visual Studio. It is preferred over FTP because it is fast, secure and lets you publish databases.

Getting Started

1. Log into your WebsitePanel account. Inn the main page go to web then make click in web sites:


2. Click on the domain that you want to publish your application:


3. Click on the “Publishing” tab:


4. To publish using Web Deploy (and getting the Web Deploy Publish File) you need to enable the “Publishing” feature. Enter a password and click on “Enable” to activate this feature:


5. Now,  click on Download Publishing Profile for this Web Site:


6. Open your visual basic project (Web Site). Then in the Build tab, click on “Publish Web Site“:


7. The “Publish Wizard” will appear. Click on import, and then click on browse. Select the Web Deploy Publish File created in step 4:


8. To make sure there are no problems, click on Validate Connection. Finally select “Publish” to upload your website to our servers:


This Concludes Create a Web Deploy Publish file with WebSitePanel

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Happy Hosting!

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