Create a Visual Studio Project to Use Mashape APIs

If you are a developer than you are very aware of API’s and if you use the web to develop then you are even more familiar with web API’s. I have created many web API projects for clients but there are sometimes when you want a very specific mashapeAPI but you don’t want to reinvent a wheel when a wheel has already been created by someone else. This is where mashape comes in. (You can even make a little gas money)

This is a great site to find some time saving APIs that are truly free (Just create an account). Over the next couple of blogs, I will be sharing some of those specific APIs that I think can save you a lot of time and headache. However before I get to those it is important to set up a base project to consume these snippets of value.

I use mostly and so this is written with that in mind however other Visual Studio types are very similar. Once you have this then you can start playing around. As I try and do for all of my articles, I have attached the VS2012 blank project below.

One other thing I want to mention is that I also use a library called unirest-net.dll. This is a .dll that provides a lot of reusable HTTP libraries in multiple versions. You can pick it up here or use Nuget to install it automatically and actually helps a lot when working with APIs.

To Begin this setup…..

1. Launch Visual Studio 2012

2. Create a new blank web site.

3. Add the unirest-net.dll reference library.

4. Add a new web form.


Attached Project: BlankMashapeProject

You can now start to enjoy the new world of APIs. Stay tuned for the next article on actually validating email addresses.

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