Create a Social Community in Joomla

Joomla is a powerful CMS that allows you to create websites and web applications. In addition to that, you can integrate social networking features in Joomla to allow visitors to interact with each other. In this article, I will show you how to create a social community in Joomla.

What CB Community Builder does?
Community Builder is a set of extensions. It requires 3 extensions in order to work, which are:

  • CB Login
  • Profile Moderator
  • Profile Online

Each extension provides a feature that CB Community Builder needs to integrate social networking capabilities into Joomla.

Getting Started
First, get the CB Community Builder Extension package here. After downloading the package, you must unzip the file. You will see four zipped files, those are the ones that you need to upload and install in Joomla: Picture 2

To start the installation process, sign into Joomla as an Administrator and open the Extensions Manager page. Upload the four zipped files in the following order:


Picture 1
After finishing the installation, you can configure the Community Builder Extension by going to menu “Components -> Community Builder -> Configuration”:

Picture 4Picture 5
Add new Public menu item to Community Builder component, in other words, add a link for users to get access to the social network created within Joomla. And that’s it! Social Networking capabilities have been integrated within Joomla.

This concludes creating a social community in Joomla.

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