Create a Multilingual Site in Joomla

Nowadays, we get visitors from all over the world and if you don’t make content available in multiple languages, you could lose many potential visitors. In this article I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to create a multilingual site in Joomla.

  1. Download JA Multilingual extension for Joomla.
  2. Sign into Joomla as an Administrator: joomla admin
  3. Go to menu “Install Extension”:install extension
  4. Select the tab “Upload Package File” and upload the JA Multilingual extension:extension install tab joomlajoomla upload extension file managerja multilingual installed joomla tutorials
  5. Now, in order to properly set up this extension, you need to get a Bing API key. To get one you need to go here and create one.
    • Note: You need an Outlook/Live account to get your Developer API key
  6. After creating your API Key, create a new application that will be used to translate the content of Joomla here
    • As soon as you create your application, you will be redirected to its dashboard where you can see your client ID and API secret Key.
  7. Finally, go to Bing Translator App and get the Free Translation Package that we will use in the application created back in step 6.
  8. Back in Joomla, go to menu “Components -> JA Multilingual”: JA multilingual component joomla tutorials
  9. Click on the Options button. Enter your Bing Client ID and Bing Client Secret Key (Created in Step 6) and save your settings: options ja multilingual joomla tutorialsbing api key ja multilingual joomla tutorials
  10. After saving, you will be able to translate your site to any language you want:languages ja multilingual joomla tutorials arvixe hosting
  11. And that’s it! You successfully made your Joomla website available in another language: spanish and english ja multilingual

This concludes create a Multilingual site in Joomla.

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