Cool Fonts in WordPress

Well, the days of “Arial, Verdana, San serif” fonts for a webpage are over.
The old stigma of having a simple font so the browser can render the font is no longer valid, you can use any font you want in a website… well, almost.

Web Fonts
It needs to be a web font. What is a “web font”? Well clarifies a lot this question.

A desktop font is designed to be installed on your computer for use with applications such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop. Desktop fonts often have special OpenType features that give the user flexibility in designing with them.

A webfont is a specially tuned font for use on websites using the CSS @font-face declaration. The Fontspring webfonts have no OpenType features and often have extraneous glyphs removed. A webfont comes in four flavors. A TrueType file, a WOFF file, an EOT file and an SVG file. Each one is designed to target different browsers. You will need all four when using webfonts to build a website.

So what kind of web fonts can you use in your web site?
The most common choice is Google Fonts. Google Fonts are free, the are plenty of choices and most wordpress themes can use them in a breeze. They (Google) tell you how to use and how to embed their fonts, but there is also another way to do it using the wp_enqueue_style function. Web Design from Scratch has a detailed article about it, so you better check it out.

Another great option is TypeKit, if you are an Adobe CC subscriber you have a TypeKit subscription In your plan, so why not use it? Typekit has a massive collection 4200+ fonts in their library. Some of the most beautiful fonts that you can find on the web are available through Typekit
The most obvious use for TypeKit may be Photoshop or Illustrator, and web fonts in Adobe Dreamweaver or Muse, but there is an easy way to use it in WordPress.

In the TypeKit help there are some tutorials how get your “kit” into WordPress you can check the details here and also there is a simple plugin to help you getting the job done. “Tipekit Fonts for WordPress” is a great and free plugin and you can find it in the WordPress plug in repository here

There are several other places where to get Web Fonts, but the most compatible and spread systems may be those 2, so you can get cool fonts in your WordPress in minutes.

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