Cookieless session in ASP.Net

Hello everyone, in this article we are going to explain to you what are cookie less sessions and for what they are use it for.

A simple explanation is that session use cookies by default, the session id is store as a cookie in the client site, so if you are creating something simple in this case a login.

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The server is going to create a session id for you pc, mobile, tablet; this way the server is going to recognize that the session’s variables that you create belong to you or other user.


Put some times the client site disable the cookies and went that happen well basically your session variables are not going to work.

Ok in not going to say to fix that, because is not a problem is more like a way to work without cookies, is using the next line of code inside of your config.web file.


Once we add this in our config.web file the id of the session is going to be in include in your url almost like a Get type variable, to identify the client.


Well that is all in this article any question you can write me and I will try to answer any doubts.

This Concludes Cookieless session in ASP.Net

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