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 In this post “purging-of-contents-in-alfresco” and “content-lifecycle-in-alfresco” we had seen how nodes are moved from one content store to another during its lifecycle. Here in this post we will focus on content stores in alfresco.

What are Content Stores?

Content stores are logical location within alfresco repository which are used to segregate different type of artifacts like content, users, workflows, rules stored in alfresco.

Advantages of Content Stores

Content store make it easier to search particular artifacts from repository as we can specify content store during search so that during search lucene will search only within that store, thus it makes search more efficient.

What are different Content stores available?

Following are different types of content stores available out of box content in alfresco

Store name Description
user://alfrescoUserStore All user and group nodes are stored here.
system://system System related Nodes
workspace://lightWeightVersionStore Version information
workspace://version2Store Store all previous versions and related information
archive://SpacesStore All deleted contents are moved to achieve store as soon as they are deleted.
workspace://SpacesStore All contents which are uploaded in repository are stored in this store

How content stores are named?


Where can we see all cotentstores?

We can see all content stores available in alfresco within nodebrowser both in alfresco explorer and alfresco share interface (under admin tools).Only users of administrator group can see nodebrowser. 

Alfresco Explorer NodeBrowser

Alfresco Explorer NodeBrowser

Alfresco Share NodeBrowser

Alfresco Share NodeBrowser

This is all about content stores in Alfresco. We will discuss more on how to manage those content store in case of large scale installation.

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