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For any CMS after storing all the contents in the repository it is equally important to make it available to external systems in secure way. Alfresco has very robust and flexible architecture which gives various different ways to access and manipulate its repository in secure manner. There are various different set of extension points to alfresco repository.

RESTFul Services can be checked through following URL in your local Alfresco installation

https:// [host]: [port]/alfresco/service/

CMIS Services can be checked through following URL in your local Alfresco installation


Although there are various different set of Out of Box set of webscripts, Webservices and CMIS Services available which provide access to the Alfresco repository to external system they are very generic so In actual development projects most of the times in order to implement our specific business logic we need to search though the repository and fetch contents from alfresco repository based on some given criteria.

Alfresco use Lucene for indexing in backend so whenever we want to search though repository we need to create Lucene Query and need to fire that query in repository it will return Resultset with list of matching nodeRefs from repository.

Along with Lucene it allows following different types of queries.

  • “lucene”
  • “xpath”
  • “jcr-xpath”
  • “fts-alfresco”
  • “solr-fts-alfresco”
  • “cmis-strict”
  • “cmis-alfresco”
  • “solr-cmis”
  • “solr-alfresco”

Most of above queries are supported in wide range of languages like JAVA, C#,.NET. So external application can easily be integrated with Alfresco irrespective of language used within that application

We will be seeing some of the example how to use this queries internally keep following my posts in this space.

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