Configuring Access Control List for products in nopCommerce

Sometimes, online businesses (e-Commerce stores) sell certain types of product to specific customers only. In those cases, it is quite important for e-Commerce stores to make use of feature like ACL (Access Control List) so that the front-end experience for the online shoppers will be seamless.

Today, we will go over the process of configuring Access Control List (ACL) for products in nopCommerce.

To configure ACL:

From the Catalog menu, select Products > Manage Products.


The Manage Products window is displayed.

Click Edit beside the product to edit. The Edit product details window is displayed – Select the Access Control List tab, as follows:


Select the Subject to ACL checkbox, to enable configuring the access control at the product level (showing specific products based on customer roles).The window is expanded, as follows:

Select the required customer roles having access to this product.

  • Administration
  • Forum Moderators
  • Guests
  • Registered
  • Vendors

Note: These customer roles are not hard-coded and can be configured in the Administration area, by selecting Customer Roles from the Customers menu.

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