Configure Lightbox Effect in Joomla

In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to configure lightbox effect in Joomla. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the boxplus extension.
    • boxplus is an ultimate lightweight pop-up window implementation (commonly known as lightbox) that can show images, video and other multimedia content including Picasa web albums, YouTube and Vimeo videos, Flash, QuickTime, PDF as well as custom HTML content.
  2. Log into you Joomla Site as an Admin:
  3. Go to menu “Extension -> Extension Manager” and install the extension. If you don’t know how to this, read this articleextension manager
  4. Now, go to Plugin Manager and enable the plugin: 3
  5. The boxplus activation tag has the following syntax:
      • {boxplus param1=value1 param2="value2" /}
      • {boxplus param1=value1 param2="value2"}text or HTML content{/boxplus}
    • The regular tag is used to place links that open in a boxplus pop-up window but with passing along parameters that apply to that instance of the pop-up window only. For example, the activation tag:
      • {boxplus theme=lightsquare href=image.jpg}Link text{/boxplus}
  6. This is an example: tags examples
  7. And that’s it! You have configured lightbox effect in Joomla. result lightbox

This concludes Configure lightbox effect in Joomla.

For more information about this extension, here.

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