Compose Emails with My WebMail

As discussed in the previous article, My WebMail is the recommended web mail system available with WebsitePanel.

(1) Login to Webmail dashboard

(2) Select Compose button located on the toolbar located on the top of the page


(3) Enter e-mail addresses in To, Cc, Bcc fields and fill in the Subject field

(4) You can select a priority from the options provided on the dropdownbox. The default option is Normal.

(5) It is also possible to request a receipt upon delivery and reading of emails sent from My Webmail


(6) You can then write the required content. The system provides a Rich Text Box using which you can format the content as per your wish


(7) You can also attach files by locating the file after selecting Browse button


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  1. Jon says:

    Is MyWebMail proprietary to Arvixe? It looks pretty smooth and better than the squirrelmail I’ve been forced to endure with several other hosts.

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