Communicate with Alfresco Which is Protected with Secured HTTP(HTTPS)

Alfresco is one of most popular opensource Content Management System available in the market today.

There might the cases when you have written some code which will call the remote alfresco repository via some of the web services provided by alfresco. Most of the clients preferred it to be protected with HTTPS.

Now to protect it with HTTPS is not much of the headache if you simple follow the instruction given by particular server in which you have deployed Alfresco you should be good to go.

For Instances most of the developer prefer Tomcat for the development if you just need to follow all this instructions

 Implement HTTPS in Tomcat

The real pain start after words you might have written many code created many interfaces which are communicating with that Alfresco instance. You might expect things will go smoothly but that is not the case always. You need to take care of few things otherwise you will be wondering why all of sudden my code stop working.

You may face any of the following error

“RSA premaster secret error”

Caused by: unable to find valid certification path to requested target


Points to keep in mind

  • You need to create security certificate for the alfresco url which you have secured
  • Register that certificate with trust-store on the JVM of server

For Client if you are calling through some standalone class like from

 SDK FirstWebServiceClient

  • Make sure the jre which you are using in your IDE is pointing to the same ext/lib of the JRE which is set through your system property as shown in below images

JRE in your class path

JRE configuration in your IDE
JRE configuration in your IDE

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