Checking your PHP Settings in Joomla 3

The Joomla CMS is built using the PHP language and have a function called phpinfo() that can be used to display all the PHP settings (PHP Information) used in a specific installation. To view this information, you just have to access System Information as shown below.

  1. Once you have logged into the Joomla dashboard 3, go to System -> System Informationselect menu
  2. You will see several tabs where it shows the information of the different aspects of your website; you also will see the PHP Information tab and PHP Settings tab: info tabs
  3. In the PHP Settings tab, shown all that is relevant php configuration: php settings
  4. The recommended values are:
    • Safe Mode: Recommended setting: ON
    • Open basedir: Recommended setting: Site dependent
    • Display Errors: Recommended setting: OFF
    • Short Open Tags: Recommended setting: ON
    • File Uploads: Recommended setting: ON
    • Magic Quotes: Recommended setting: OFF
    • Register Globals: Recommended setting: OFF
    • Output Buffering: Recommended setting: OFF
    • Session Save Path: Recommended setting: Site dependent
    • Session Auto Start: Recommended setting: OFF
    • XML Enabled: Recommended setting: YES
    • Zlib Enabled: Recommended setting: YES
    • Native ZIP Enabled: Recommended setting: YES
    • Disabled Functions: Recommended setting: Site dependent
    • Mbstring Enabled: Recommended setting: YES
    • Iconv Available: Recommended setting: YES

Note that none of these settings can be changed from this section. This must be done in different locations throughout your Joomla installation, depending on the specific setting.

This concludes checking your PHP Settings in Joomla 3.

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