Changing the ocPortal Forums

As my test site is going to be a community, we need somewhere to hang out and exchange views and ideas, the ideal place is a forum.

In the “Setup” wizard I opted to create a community and ocPortal included a forum for me, you will recall in the last tutorial that I added a link button to it from our Front page.

I now have two link options to get to my forum. The button I created or the “Social” link near the top of my page.

ocPortal tutorial

Clicking either link will take me to the forums page and the forum is split into two sections. General and Staff. For now we will concern ourselves with General.

Under the General section two forums have been created General chat and Website comment topics each has an edit link alongside.

ocPortal forum

Let’s click on the edit link next to General chat, in your editor you will see the forum ready for editing.

edit ocPortal forums

I am going to add a description so users know what the forum is about and the type of posts that are expected.

forum description

Which when saved will look like this.

view edited ocPortal forum

For now click save as many of the other options will be covered in the next bit of the tutorial. Upon saving our changes you will see the Edit forum page in your admin zone.

ocPortal admin page change forums

I want to add a forum called ocPortal templates.

Click add forum and fill in the form.

adding a forum


The name we want to give the forum in my case I will call it “ocPortal templates”


A short description of what the forum is about like we did before when editing General chat.


I want everyone to see so I will leave it as General.


I want the forum to be a part of the existing so will leave the Parent selection as Forum home. (We will look at Parent in more detail soon.)

forum admin page general viewing

For now we will skip the Advanced and Permission settings but they will be covered in the next tutorial.

Click Save!

So now when you view your site, you should see the changes.

Preview forum changes

And when you click on the forum.

Look at the forum live

To test I can click on “add topic” and create a form post.

Add a new topic to the forum

You can add an attachment or add pictures to your post as well as format the text and add linking too. When you have finished click the “add topic” button

Here is the post.

Viewing your forum post

overview of forum and published post

Forum home

In the next tutorial we will add a sub category to our forum.

There is no limit to the amount of forums or sub forums you can create but before you jump in, do consider your users and the user experience.

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