Change PHP Version Using the PHP Version Manager

The PHP version change plugin is available for cPanel users under the 1H Software section in cPanel. It allows you to easily choose between 6 different PHP versions. Through the plugin interface you can set a different PHP version not only per a separate hosting account, but also within each directory or sub-directory of that hosting account with just a single click.


The plugin shows a directory listing for the respective account and shows which PHP version is currently in use for each directory. The folders that use a different from the default PHP version on the server display the specific PHP version in brackets right next to the folder name. The folders with no PHP version information use the default PHP version for the server.


To change the PHP version for a specific folder or sub-folder, just navigate to the respective folder click on it. After that click on the radio button with the PHP version you would like to change for the chosen directory and then click on save.

php2Now, your directory has the PHP version you want.

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4 Comments on Change PHP Version Using the PHP Version Manager

  1. Steve says:

    Could you please include the most recent image of the PHP version Manager as I would like to know if 5.5 can be selected.

  2. Mike says:

    Has 5.5 been released yet?

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