How to Change Your Domain Contact Information

Please follow the below steps to change the domain contact information:

1- Log into your billing panel
2- Click on Domains at the right side of the page.

3- Click on “+” next to the domain name you want to change the contact information for.

4- Click Go button next to “Domain Management”

5- From the new page, click on Contact Information at the top of that page.

6- Now, you can see contact lists and you can update and save contact information. Click on Edit next to the contact information you want to change.


7- Make the changes you need then click on Save.



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8 Comments on How to Change Your Domain Contact Information

  1. steam wallet says:

    Thanks for the tutorial but this will only come handy if the user didn’t bought a whois privacy right?

  2. Khaleel Demeri says:

    You are welcome. You can use this whenever you need to change your domain contact information for whatever reason. With the domain privacy being ON (We provide that for FREE), no one can see your domain contact information.

  3. here is no Domain Management – Go button on my domain screen anywhere.
    Please see Link:

    • Noah S says:

      Hi, Unfortunately some domains do not have the full control that is listed in the article above. For what is in your comment only the contact information and the nameservers can change.

  4. om says:

    how can you change the contact info en masse? I have like 20 domains. Is there a way to do all at once?

    • Alex says:


      Whilst it isn’t possible to update your contact details via 1 bulk action, you can speed up the process significantly by updating your profile contact details and/or add a sub contact on your profile. Once done, you can open each of your domain names and select the contact profile to that you just created or to your primary contact details (which you may have just updated).


  5. Chris Kanieski says:

    I also have a very limited domain access screen and I don’t even have the ‘update contact’ option. How can I update my contact info?

    • Alex says:


      You should now be able to manage your domains contact details by logging into the new customer area ( From here, visit the domain management page.

      If you’re still having issues, please create a ticket with our support team so they can look into this for you.

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