How to Change Components Properties in Silex

With Silex you can change your components properties when you want by accessing the properties toolbox.

To access your component properties just select it in the components toolbox. It opens automatically the properties toolbox.

Note: in the properties toolbox you have 2 modes:

▪  the short list mode or “specific editor”

It contains the main properties of each component.

▪   the long list mode

It contains all the properties possible for each component.

Change components main properties

▪  Rename your component

Rename your component directly in the “name” field. It will rename it simultaneously in the components toolbox.

▪  Change your component size

To change the size of your component, change the width and the height of your component in the properties list. If you want to resize it non proportionally, click on the padlock.

▪  Change your component position on the stage

To place your component where you want on the stage, modify the x and /or y position of your component.

This concludes how to change components properties in Silex!

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