Build Forms in Joomla

Forms are necessary, either for letting visitors how to contact you or have a place where anyone can report problems with your site. In this article I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to build forms in Joomla.

Chronoforms is a very popular extension that allows you to create any type of forms with a lot of HTML5 features. It has data validation and also spams prevention tools. It is the most advanced forms extension available for Joomla.

1. Download Chronoforms Extension.

The files that you need to have to fully use Chronoforms are:

  • Chronoforms J3 Module
  • Chronoforms J3 Component
  • Chronoforms J3 Plugin

chronoform files

2. Install the Module first, the Component second and finally the Plugin. If you don’t know how to install a Joomla plugin/extension please read this articleinstalling chronoforms

3. After installing Chronoforms, you can create your forms. Go to menu “Components -> Chronoforms5 -> Chronoform5”: create chronoforms

4. Click on “New” to create a form: new form chronoforms5

5. In the general tab, fill in the name of the form, description and Setup Mode. Please select “Advanced” mode:  new form description chronoforms5

6. In the Designer tab, drag and drop the elements that you need for your form: form elements chronoforms5 joomla

7. In the Setup tab, drag the HTML Render Form to the “On Load Box”. You have to do this for every form in order to work properly: render html chronoforms5

8. Save your changes.

9. And that’s it! You just created a form!


This concludes Build forms in Joomla.

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